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After today’s company was founded in 1919, at times 250 employees produced buttons, zip fasteners as well as jewellery.


Until 1953, the small metal producing company was under private ownership. In the course of the nationalisation of private property, it then became public property. 


The year of 1962 marked a significant turn in the product range of the company. The focus was now on the production of plastic parts made from thermoplastic using an injection moulding process. The product range comprised technical parts for mechanical engineering and the electronics industry that were manufactured according to the customers’ specifications as well as caps for bottles and tubes. The necessary injection moulds were mainly produced by the company’s own mould-making department.

Since 1990

Until 1990, an assortment of 250 plastic products was produced on 45 injection moulding machines. BERGI-PLAST delivered these to customers in a wide range of industrial sectors.

After a successful privatisation in 1991, BERGI-PLAST was able to achieve continuous growth in turnover and employees.  

1998 and 2006

In order to meet the continuous growth and the high demand, a new production facility was built in 1998 on the BERGI-PLAST premises and a new warehouse followed eight years later.

The long-term experience and high level of expertise in the fields of plastics technology and tool making provide the basis for the current market programme of BERGI-PLAST GmbH. It includes the development of products and tools (injection moulds) for processing thermoplastic materials as well as the production and sales of injection moulded components.  


The year of 2012 marks another important highlight in BERGI-PLAST’s history. A new facility was opened near Berggiesshuebel. Plant II in Dohma has specialised in the production of technical parts and the implementation of LEAN management. This involves a lean production and the conservation of resources.